Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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Young people

School’s survey
One hundred and thirty two children (132) under 12, from Neilston PS and the P7 class from St Thomas’s completed the survey.

Children were asked;
Do you visit Cowden Hall?
Why don’t you go there?
Where do you go to do outdoors activities?

From these responses:

  • 55 (42%) of the children surveyed knew where Cowden Hall was.
  • 45 (40%) that had ever visited it, visits were infrequent and mostly for dog walking.
  • 115 (87%) of them said they would be more likely to visit if improvements were made (signage, access, paths, cycle paths etc.)
  • 40 (30%) said they would be interested in taking part in any organised activities, such as walks.

The responses of the children from St Thomas's P7 can be seen in full here.

Uniformed groups
It is worth noting that the Boys Brigade, the Scouts and Brownies, all Uniformed Groups active in Neilston, responded to say that in years gone by, they routinely visited Cowden Hall as a venue for outdoors work with young people. The usage of the site was discontinued because it was in private ownership and no longer considered suitable or safe. Should improvements be made they would welcome the opportunity to make use of a local resource for their outdoors and environmental based work.

There is a large network (22) of childminders within Neilston who support around 160 children for working parents with pre and after school care, as well as care during holidays. As a group, they are vitally important to the functioning of the local economy and supporting community life. Of the eleven surveyed, eight knew where Cowden Hall was; six were in the habit of visiting; the majority would welcome improvements and organised activities.

Child minders were asked:
Do you visit Cowden Hall?
Why don’t you go there?
Where do you go to do outdoors activities?
Would improvements encourage you to visit?

The responses of this group can be seen in full here.