Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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On Site Survey Results

A total of 16 individuals were interviewed on site at Cowden Hall. A further three residents living in the immediate vicinity returned the survey by post.

Individuals were asked;

Who are you and why do you go there?

What would make it better?

About their views on possible improvements?

The responses of this group can be seen in full in the onsite graphs.

The results are summarised as follows:

The group surveyed were;
  • All Neilston residents living nearby the Estate
  • All over the age of 37
  • All there to walk their dog, at least once a day, and for at least 20 minutes to over an hour.
Amongst the changes endorsed;
  • Twelve thought seating a good idea,
  • and Ten thought dog bins a good idea.