Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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Off-site Survey Results

The survey was distributed amongst the community, at groups and at events. It was also made available to the two local primary schools. A total of 232 surveys were completed: 94 by adults (over 16 years); 3 by Uniformed Group Leaders; 132 by school children (under 12 years of age).

Individuals were asked;
Do you know where Cowden Hall is?
Do you visit Cowden Hall?
Why don’t you go there?
Where do you go to do outdoors activities?
What improvements would you like to see?
Would improvements encourage you to visit?

The results of the ninety four (94) adults who filled in the form can be seen in the off-site graphs.

In total the survey was completed by:

  • Ninety four (94) adults (over 16 years). Not all questions were answered by some respondents.
From these responses:
  • Of the 78 responses 44 (56%) were female
  • Of the 71 responses 49 (69%) were over 50 years of age
  • Of the 77 responses, 67 (87%) were from Neilston
  • Of the 82 responses, 74 (90%) knew where Cowden Hall was
  • Of the 73 that responded, 17 (23%) chose Cowden Hall as a destination
  • Of the 89 that responded, 55 (62%) ever visit Cowden Hall
  • Of the 33 that responded to questions on frequency of visit, 15 (or 45%) visited daily or often
  • Of the forty four (44) who provided reasons why they choose not to visit, 20 (45%) were to do with issues of access and safety
  • Of the 87 responses, 85 (98%) said they would be more likely visit Cowden hall should improvements be made

Of the 87:

  • 56 (70%) thought better maintained paths a good idea.
  • 40 (50%) thought better access a good idea
  • 39 (49%) thought a wildlife/nature area a good idea.
  • 39 (49%) thought seating a good idea.
  • Of the 73 that responded, 56 (73%) thought organised walks a good idea
  • Of the 86 that responded, 66 (77%) were interested to find out more about future community initiatives for the site.