Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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New Cowden Hall Stories

The children wrote stories of their memories of Cowden Hall. The following are a selection. These memories were part of a much larger creative writing project undertaken by the pupils, which was stimulated by the intergenerational sessions and site visit.

By Katie Byars
When I was 6 or 7 I went a walk with my dad and sister Eilidh down to Cowden Hall. We went to a place where there were old parts of walls and climbed walls. We were really happy that we put our wellie boots because it was really muddy! We went our walk for about half a hour just looking at all the trees.
By Sol
I went to Cowden Hall with my dogs walking round all of it. I once saw some ruins of the old mansion. I would like to put a tennis court in it so that there is something to do when you want.
By Kieran Alexander Robertson
When I went to Cowden Hall I played with my dog. My dog is called Ben. He is really fast and chases me at Cowden Hall. I also go to Cowden Hall with Declane Spence and Marcus Mccarron to collect chessies. I really enjoy visiting Cowden Hall.
By Jessica Ellis
When I went to Cowden Hall I went there with my friend called Lara. When we went there we found a good clear place. A few days later we looked around to find some things to make a den. A week later we had finished the den. In our den we had a tree swing with a twig on the end securely attached. We had two planks of wood and a camp fire made from bricks and we even found a fox's skull and some fox bones.
By Greg Young
I went to Cowden Hall and went to a den. I also climbed trees and went metal detecting with Ryan in P7a. He showed me the den and he showed me a good tree to climb. If I had to change it I would change it to a paintball place and football pitches.
By Lynsey Ross
I went to Cowden Hall with a friend in the class called Cara-Louise and also her mum called Lorraine and her little sister called Rebecca.
We took her little dog Benny with us. When we were off the road we let Benny off the lead so he could run about. When we reached a brick wall there was a massive tree and there was a rope hanging. I swung it, and the dog got distracted so he ran and jumped up for the rope and he caught it in his mouth! His feet came off the ground. Then he fell down and we went on walking. Because Cowden Hall is really muddy Cara-Louise's wellie boot got stuck in the mud.
It was very funny. Then we came to lots of old bricks, we think it was someone's house. After that we then walked home back to Cara-Louise's house. It was a very fun walk.
By James MacPherson
On Sundays me and my friend Ryan go to the Cowdie to climb trees. Me and Ryan go to the swingrope that we made and tied to a tree. We also come to a lake called the Blackadder. I think Cowden Hall is very fun. On Thursday all the p7's went to Cowden Hall and we had lots of fun.
By Harris McLean
When I went to Cowden Hall I went with my brother, sister and my dad. We went a long walk and went up trees and ran up and down hills it was fun. Then later on we found something that looked like a trench, it was cool. Then we went home and my legs were sore because of all the walking!
By Ryan Donaghue
I went walking down with the school and I thought it looked quite nice. We never went all the way in because we ran out of time. It was really overgrown and I think I would prefer it repaired.
By Lauren Thomson
I went to Cowden Hall with the school. We walked up and down muddy hills to get there. We also went over a bridge. I think it would be fun to hang out there or walk your dog. You can swim in Blackadder and play in the overgrown trees. I think it would be cool if it could look like it used to look with the big house and the orchard done-up. I would like to go back there again with my friends.

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