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Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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Neilston Development Trust

Neilston Development Trust (NDT) was established in 2006 (with its predecessor Neilston: Space to Live established in 2004*) to champion, facilitate, support and drive the regeneration of Neilston. It is based in the 'Bank', an asset acquired through Community Right to Buy, 2006. Our vision is to ensure that Neilston is a successful, sustainable, well-planned and well-connected small town transformed by local people in an extraordinary way.

We want Neilston to offer a model for small town regeneration
o through our championing of its physical    transformation,
o through our commitment to sustainable development,
o through our approach to community involvement and
o through the development of our community asset, the    former bank

And, crucially, we want NDT to thrive as an exemplary and sustainable social enterprise integral to the town's regeneration aspirations

*The community project, "Neilston: Space to Live", that was set up by residents in 2004 to work for spatial and cultural renewal in Neilston. Space to Live became NDT in 2006, to conform to Land Reform Act 'Community Right to Buy' legal requirements.

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