Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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What's next?

The Cowden Hall community research project has uncovered a deep appreciation of the Estate amongst the community of Neilston. This value can be attributed to various factors. For many, it lies in the site’s wildness and beauty as a woodland and a place to walk. For others, it is a place rich with memories and personal associations, some of which are tied to the world of work and recreation in the Estate as a mill worker. For others, attachment to the site comes from the privilege and experience of growing up around, and in the shadow of, the Estate and the Mill. For many, its value lies in its unique historic interest, which as we’ve seen spans the centuries, leaving us with the relics of landowners and land uses from the Middle Ages to the present. For the young, it is has been the chance to encounter this history and be inspired by stories of freedom, magic, challenges and fun enjoyed by previous generations.

For many of us, the love of the place is a mixture of all of the above. Regardless of familiarity with the site today or knowledge of its meanings to the community in the past, we can conclude that for most, the allure and mystique of Cowden Hall, the jewel in Neilston’s landscape, is still a force to be reckoned with.

A “Cowden Hall Matters” Group will be convened to follow up on this research project. The results of this research will be shared with all those who have an interest in and have supported the project. It will be fed back to the community in general via the Neilston Town Team and forthcoming copies of the NDT newsletter.

Click here to view a copy of the full report.