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Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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Halt, Who Goes There?

It was decided that the best way to establish how Cowden Hall mattered to the people of Neilston was to conduct a survey. The survey was delivered on-site to site visitors, as well as off-site to the wider community. A total of 251 surveys were conducted.

The information gathered has allowed us to build a profile of those that use the site; learn about the patterns and purpose of their visits as well as their views on its future.

As importantly, we have been able to build a profile of those that don’t use the site and the reasons why not, as well as what changes, if any, would make them more likely to visit.

Key findings
From the information gathered we can conclude the following:

  • Cowden Hall has a number of regular and devoted site users, mostly dog walkers who visit frequently and in all weathers.
  • All of this group endorsed the idea of basic improvements
  • The majority of the on-site users felt more could be made of the site.
  • Several expressed the opinion that they wished it be left wild and as is.
  • Of those surveyed off-site (94 adults), very few (10) identified Cowden Hall as their destination for an outdoors trip.
  • Over half had visited Cowden Hall at some time, but those visits were infrequent.
  • The majority liked the idea of some improvements, including basic facilities like seating and bins.
  • The recommendations made most consistently included those for the maintenance of paths and tidying up.
  • Most people who didn’t visit cited access, difficulty finding way around, and safety concerns as reasons for not going.
  • These points are most evident when we isolate the responses from the seniors and the young people of the community.
Click here to view a copy of the full report.