Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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Elders look forward

The group of four shared their visions for the future of Cowden Hall.

What would you do with the place now?

Netta: Do you know what I would do with Cowden Hall now? I’d make it into a restaurant, a restaurant! I’d make it into a place where you could take children, a place for families to go to. There’s not much here for children, so I would open up a bowling alley for the kids.

Willie: I’d put it back to as near as you could to the way it was before. Two bowling greens and two tennis courts, and the big boating pool, it was really good, yes... that’s what I’d do, put it all back for the people to enjoy again.

Gina: I think it would be excellent if we could have walkways through and people could walk their dogs, plant some new trees, nature walks and things like that, it could really be beautiful I’ve been asking a lot of old Neilstonians what they think, and that’s what they would like too.

Alex: The grounds were really beautiful... it was covered in bluebells, the walks there were really beautiful, the gardens, the orchards, the nurseries. I learned to swim in the dam. It would be good to have that back.


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