Alternative Names
Cowdon; Coldoun; Cowdoun
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Cowden Hall Matters?

Mention of "Cowden Hall" arouses in many a passionate reflection on, and sometimes a wistful sadness for, childhood times and a way of life, cherished and long gone. Most often, talk is of its beauty and grandeur. The art works shown in the Gallery gives us a sense of the power it has to move and inspire. Tam Sanderson's song "The Gates of Cowden Hall" captures the magic of the place through the experiences of a child, and the sadness of its decline, symbolised by the "closing" of the Gates. Finlay MacDonald's composition "Cowden Hall" a beautiful tribute to a place rich with personal associations, at the same time perhaps also a lament to its demise?

Yet beyond these recent personal accounts, and a very few images from the past, we know little of the community of Neilston's relationship with the Cowden Hall Estate, and its wishes, dreams and thoughts for its future. Records of the value and meaning of Cowden Hall to the people of Neilston over time, and at the present, are incomplete.

Image: Reviewing Cowden Hall 

This community research project has gone a small way to fill in some of these gaps. Our aim has been to find out more about who uses it now and whether there are lessons from its past that can help us think about its future.

The highlights of the research findings can be found in Halt, who goes there? and Let’s Talk!

Click here to view a copy of the full report.